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Get Immediate Help If You Are Charged With A DUI

When you get charged with a DUI, you aren’t immediately convicted. You still have a chance to fight your charges in court. Contact a drunk driving lawyer in Oklahoma City today to begin building a strong defense.

When you see blue and red lights pull up behind you on the road, it can be a terrifying experience. Being charged with a DUI is probably one of your worst nightmares, but you can remain calm because being charged with a DUI doesn’t mean you’re convicted of a crime. If you hire an experienced attorney to defend you in court, there’s a chance your charges can be reduced or dismissed.

If you don’t fight your charges in court, the consequences of having a criminal misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record can be significant. Not only can it be hard to get a job and rent housing with a tarnished record, but the world will forever see you as a criminal and make assumptions about your character. Often, you won’t get the opportunity to explain what exactly happened.

At Talley, Turner, Stice & Bertman, we know that people make mistakes, and it can be easy to get charged with a DUI even when the situation may not have warranted such a charge. Our lawyers can support you through the legal process and ensure that you have a strong defense to fight the prosecution.

Oklahoma City DUI Penalties

Oklahoma City DUI penalties can vary depending on the charge you’ve been given. Unlike other states, which have classes of misdemeanors and felonies to show how severe the crime is, Oklahoma simply uses lengths in jail and prison time and varying fine amounts to show severity. For example, a first-offense DUI is a misdemeanor, which can include 10 days to one year in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.

A second-offense DUI can increase the charge to a felony, and other factors can also make a first-time offense more severe. For instance, if you caused a car wreck while driving under the influence and people were injured, or if a minor was in the vehicle with you, your first-time offense could be a felony.

First-time felony offenders will serve a minimum of one to five years in prison and will pay up to $2,500 in fines.

Oklahoma Driver’s License Suspension

One of the most important things to note is that, in the state of Oklahoma, if you get arrested for a DUI, the police officer will hand you a warning saying your license will be revoked in 30 days. You only have 15 days from when you were arrested to appeal this suspension; otherwise, your license will be revoked, without exception.

It’s essential that you get in touch with an Oklahoma City DUI attorney within these 15 days or else you may not have a chance to get your license back for an extended period.

Building A DUI Defense

Hiring a DUI lawyer will be essential to building a strong case in your defense. If you’re determined to get your drunk driving charges reduced or dismissed, key strategies will need to be put in place to show the judge or jury that you were innocent or made a serious mistake. Some of the strategies your lawyer may use include challenging the breath or blood test findings because these can often be inaccurate.

Your attorney may also do a deep investigation of the police procedures in your arrest and make sure the officers followed policy in every way possible. If any errors can be pinpointed, this can be used against the prosecution and in your favor.

What are my rights when I get arrested for a DUI?

The police officer should read you your Miranda rights when you get arrested. You have the right to remain silent, because anything you say can be used against you in court. You also have the right to hire a lawyer, or if you want, one can be appointed for you. You don’t have to answer any police questions that you don’t want to answer.

What is the difference between a DWI and a DUI?

A DWI is a lesser charge in the state of Oklahoma than a DUI. Adults over the age of 21 may be charged with a DWI (driving while intoxicated) if they’re caught driving under the influence when their blood alcohol content is below 0.08, while a DUI (driving under the influence) is used when a blood alcohol content level is above 0.08, which is the legal limit for DUIs.

Do I need to hire a lawyer for a DUI misdemeanor?

You’re never required to hire a lawyer, but it’s a wise decision to hire a lawyer even if you’re charged with a DUI misdemeanor because a misdemeanor can remain on your record the same way a felony can. While a misdemeanor holds lesser penalties than a felony, you can still be seen as a criminal by both the law and the rest of society.

Contact An Oklahoma City DUI Attorney

It’s important not to panic when you get charged with a DUI because the outcome is not yet determined. While being arrested can be a scary experience, hiring a lawyer to prevent a conviction is the smartest thing you can do. At Talley, Turner, Stice & Bertman, we’ll come up with every strategy possible to help reduce or dismiss your charges. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

If you want to speak to an Oklahoma City DUI lawyer about your case in more detail, contact us for a consultation by calling 405-467-2858 or filling out our contact form.