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Seeking Fair Results Through An Appeal

Trials should reach a fair and reasonable outcome the first time. Unfortunately, judges and juries aren’t perfect. Sometimes, they make a mistake when deciding a case. That’s why appeals are an essential part of our legal system.

Based in Norman, Talley, Turner, Stice & Bertman helps clients throughout the Oklahoma City metro area pursue civil and criminal appeals. We are experienced with a wide variety of cases, and we will match the right attorney to your situation. If you have questions about the outcome of your case and your appeal options, call us at 405-467-2858 for a consultation.

When You Can Seek An Appeal

Common grounds for an appeal include:

  • Evidence errors: The court did not admit evidence that it should have included, or the court admitted evidence it should have excluded. Alternatively, there was not enough evidence to rule against you.
  • Procedural errors: The jury did not receive the right instructions, or your case was affected by court misconduct.
  • Other significant errors: Your original trial attorney was ineffective, or there was another error of law present in your case.

The reasons to file an appeal are limited, but we will help you highlight errors that seriously impacted the results of your original case.

How Appeals Are Different From Original Trials

When seeking an appeal, there is no second trial. Instead, an appellate court reviews the decision of the original trial court. Therefore, the documents you submit for your appeal, particularly the brief, will be the main deciding factor. We can prepare a strong brief to either argue for an appeal or defend against one.

We can guide you through the appellate process and strengthen your chances of reaching the outcome you want. Whether your situation involves civil litigation or criminal charges, we know how to navigate these complex cases.

Review Your Options For An Appeal

It can be difficult to identify exactly what went wrong in your original case and to fix it through an appeal. Working with an attorney who has already filed many successful appeals in Oklahoma may be critical. Call us at 405-467-2858 or send us a message online to speak with our appellate lawyers in Norman today.