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What are the signs that you and your spouse are incompatible?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Family Law |

Movies romanticize relationships. They often begin with an overdramatic meet cute, followed by seemingly coincidental and serendipitous moments before a bit of conflict makes the lead actors realize they are soulmates destined to be together forever. But movies typically end after the actors reveal their love for each other. Movies rarely show us what happens after they kiss.

The truth is that love is just an increase of different hormones, making us feel we are soulmates. Once the effect of the love hormones wears off, the couple starts to question their compatibility. In Oklahoma, incompatibility is the no-fault grounds for divorce. Incompatibility in a marriage is when spouses do not share the same perspective over significant aspects of their shared life.

Here are signs you and your spouse may not be compatible:

You are constantly arguing

When you are incompatible, you do not understand each other, leading to unresolved issues and constant arguments. Having conflicting perspectives in life is worse than speaking different languages.

You have different life goals

The hallmark of any solid relationship is sharing the same goals for the future. You want children together or maybe just a dog. You intend to get a big house in the suburbs or perhaps an apartment in the city together. The important thing is that you both want the same things. When your goals do not match, your relationship will not work.

You do not agree regarding finances

Many couples fight over their finances. In fact, financial incompatibility has become one of the most common reasons for divorce. The more assets you own, the more questions you have about where you will save, spend or invest the money you own together. Because you disagree on what to do with your money, you begin hiding assets from each other. Lack of financial transparency amounts to financial infidelity.

Although love brings you together, it is usually not enough to keep you together. A no-fault divorce might help preserve your respect for each other and end your marriage amicably.