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What are the types of DUI charges?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Criminal Law |

If you’re arrested for driving under the influence in Oklahoma, you could get hit with a number of different charges. Each charge has its own set of penalties, so it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. Here’s a rundown of the basic types of impaired driving offenses.

What are the different charges for impaired driving in Oklahoma?

The main charge for impaired driving is driving under the influence. To be charged with a DUI, you must have a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, of 0.08 or more at the time of the arrest. You could also be arrested if you’re under the influence of illegal drugs. If your BAC is less than 0.08 but at least 0.05 or more, you might be charged with driving while impaired, or DWI.

You could be charged with DUI under 21 if you were under the legal drinking age at the time of the arrest. If there was a minor in the vehicle, you might also be charged with child endangerment. Typically, you have to be the parent or guardian of the child in question to receive this charge. Finally, you could be charged with aggravated DUI if your BAC is 0.15 or more, which is well over the legal limit.

These charges can be daunting, but an attorney may help you with a criminal defense case. A legal professional may also help you if you have prior convictions on your record that would result in a more severe punishment.

How can you fight a DUI charge?

While they’re frequently used as evidence in court, sobriety tests aren’t foolproof. Many tests rely on the officer’s personal interpretation of the events, which can be flawed. A defense attorney may be able to help you challenge the results of these tests and possibly get your charges dropped, allowing you to get on with your life.