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What to do when you’re hit by a car while walking

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2024 | Personal Injury Law |

As a pedestrian, you still face the risk of an accident despite being extra cautious while crossing the road or walking by the sidewalk. Distracted drivers, poor visibility or other factors can lead to devastating consequences with a car. When your regular stroll turns results in serious injuries after a collision with a car, knowing your legal options is crucial.

If your injuries are significant, you may have to miss work, stay in the hospital or require ongoing care. Recovering compensation from the driver responsible may help you cover the costs of the accident.

Immediate steps right after the accident

The shock from being hit by a car can be paralyzing, leaving you lost on what to do next. Consider prioritizing these steps:

  • Call for help: If you are in pain or have visible injuries, stay put. Call 911 immediately or have someone do it for you so you can get proper assistance.
  • Seek medical attention: Even if you do not see injuries or feel anything, only a physician can provide an accurate diagnosis. Symptoms of motor vehicle accident injuries do not always appear immediately. Should your findings indicate that you are hurt, a medical record can connect your injuries to the collision.
  • Document the scene: While waiting for help to arrive, take photos and videos of the car, location and your injuries. These images can help show what factors led to the accident by capturing every detail, even those you or witnesses may have overlooked.
  • Exchange information: Get the driver’s contact and insurance information. Minimize discussing anything else to avoid saying anything that may inadvertently affect your claim.
  • Obtain the police report: This can provide you with an official account of the incident.

Will you need an attorney?

Oklahoma laws and insurance claims can make the path to compensation complicated. Additionally, gathering evidence is not as simple as it appears. An attorney can be a valuable ally, advocating for your rights, guiding you through the process and working to help you prove fault and receive fair compensation.

Moreover, recovering from injuries after such a traumatic event may demand a lot of your time and attention. An attorney can take over the legal aspects of your case while you focus on your well-being.