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Are DUI arrests more common around the holidays in Oklahoma?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2023 | Criminal Law |

Driving under the influence (DUI) charges can cause a host of challenges for an individual if they plead guilty or are found guilty at trial. Oklahoma judges can incarcerate people or order them to pay significant fines after a DUI conviction. It is also standard for the state to suspend someone’s driver’s license after a DUI offense. People may generate thousands in expenses and be at risk of losing their jobs if they cannot drive because of a license suspension.

Police officers on traffic patrol can arrest someone at any time if they demonstrate impaired ability at the wheel or fail a breath test. However, there are certain times when police officers pay closer attention to conduct in traffic than others. For example, officers usually monitor traffic more carefully after major events, like concerts, and when bars close for the evening. There are also certain days when enforcement efforts are more intense than average.

DUI enforcement is often more aggressive around the holidays

There are many ways for police departments to step up enforcement efforts on specific days. They may file paperwork to conduct a DUI checkpoint or sobriety roadblock. Departments may also conduct a saturation patrol, which involves having a high number of officers out patrolling in traffic.

Most years, law enforcement authorities in Oklahoma readily share their plans to increase DUI enforcement efforts around the holidays. They want members of the public to know they plan to patrol in increased numbers and screen everyone driving on certain roads. This uptick in enforcement is a reflection of increased statistical risk. Researchers have found that drunk driving fatalities increase significantly on many federal holidays. The weekends before and after those holidays are also times with increased DUI crash risk.

Police departments across Oklahoma may step up their enforcement efforts around the holidays to catch more drunk drivers and potentially prevent a few crashes. Of course, when officers go out looking for certain kinds of offenses, they may reach the wrong conclusion about someone’s conduct. Some people may end up arrested for impaired driving because officers make inaccurate assumptions.

Challenging evidence or providing an explanation for a failed chemical test can sometimes help people defend against Oklahoma DUI charges.