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Who can be held responsible for a daycare injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2023 | Personal Injury Law |

Norman’s working parents often rely on daycare centers to keep their children occupied and safe during the day. Because they cannot be there themselves, parents must trust that they chose a facility with trained and experienced workers and supervisors who love and care about young children. People who know how to watch children and would do whatever they can to avoid letting young ones get hurt.

Unfortunately, not all daycare facilities live up to this reasonable expectation. An inexperienced, incompetent or disinterested worker could put your child in harm’s way. If your child suffers an injury while at daycare, they could be permanently disabled or require months of grueling treatment to get better. Then there is the trauma they likely experienced that could affect them for years.

How do negligent daycares compensate their victims?

Just like how a negligent driver who injures you in a car accident is liable for your injuries, a negligent Oklahoma daycare center is liable for any harm its employees negligently cause one of its young charges. In fact, state law requires daycare facilities to carry liability insurance with at least $200,000 of coverage per negligence claim. An uninsured facility must clearly inform parents through signed waivers and written notice within the premises.

Even the odds of recovery

This coverage could mean the facility (or its insurance company) has the resources to compensate you and your child completely. But it also likely means a more challenging personal injury claims process. Insurance companies usually resist paying expensive claims, even when their client’s negligence and the extent of the victim’s harm are both clear. They spend millions of dollars each year on attorneys to help them deny and underpay claims. Experienced and determined legal representation on your side can help even the playing field.