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3 facts you must know about your child’s day care injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Personal Injury Law |

If you are a working parent, you must be familiar with the dilemma of whether to bring your child to work or entrust them to someone other than a close relative or friend.

The practical option is most likely leaving them in a day care center, so you can focus on fulfilling your professional obligations while a care provider looks after your child. After extensive research, you may find that you can choose from over 3,700 of Oklahoma’s licensed child care programs, ranging from day camps, to sick children, part-day and drop-in programs.

But despite your preparation, there is no guarantee that your child will come home unscathed.

What should you do next?

When you detect injuries or notice signs of abuse or neglect on your child, the immediate step is to consult their doctor or any available emergency hospital service for a medical assessment and treatment.

While your child’s medical condition is still under evaluation, here are three things you must consider to guide your actions:

  • Waivers are not always binding: Depending on the language used, you or any other complaining parent can sue despite a specific clause releasing the day care facility from any liability. Ultimately, the courts usually err on the innocent child’s best interests.
  • Check for licensing violations: You may file a complaint if you believe that the day care is not adhering to the state’s licensing requirements and policies.
  • Establish adequate proof: Evidence showing injuries, abuse or neglect can be photos, videos, surveillance footage, witness testimonies, receipts, doctor’s notes and other tangible items. All these detailed accounts can be paramount in solidifying your claim.

These matters can become too technical, especially once the day care center’s insurance company disputes your claim. It is crucial you discuss your circumstances and options with your legal counsel.

Substandard care costs lives

Without the adequate supervision you paid for, your child may end up choking on a toy, drowning in the pool or burning their tiny fingers in an electrical outlet, resulting in life-threatening injuries. Your child shouldn’t have to suffer more than they already have. As they heal, you can direct your efforts into recovering damages for their medical expenses and other relevant losses.