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Details to include in a daycare incident report

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2023 | Personal Injury Law |

It’s any Oklahoma parent’s worst nightmare to learn that their child suffered injuries while at daycare. Naturally, parents want answers after such a devastating situation occurs. This is why it’s crucial for daycare centers to create incident reports, and this is what should be included in them.


The name of the daycare, the child and the childcare professional around at the time should be included in the incident report. The names of any witnesses to daycare accidents should also be written down in case an investigation is done and their statements are needed.

Date and time

The incident report should include the date and time that the accident occurred. However, it’s normal for daycare staff to be stressed and overwhelmed when a child suffers injuries from an accident; in that situation, they may not recall the exact time it occurred, so an approximate time is acceptable.


Daycare accidents don’t always happen in the same place. An incident report must mention exactly where the accident took place even if it was off-site. For example, if the child was hurt while in the daycare provider’s care at a store, that should be mentioned.

Why it happened

If the reason the accident occurred is known, it should be detailed in the incident report. Being transparent is the best way to move forward and make things right after a child gets injured. The details should be honest and not exaggerated.

Injuries and aftermath

If the child was taken to a hospital or urgent care for medical treatment, list in the report such details. The nature of their injuries should also be included. Daycare providers should also state any information on steps they plan to take to prevent such a situation from happening in the future.

Daycare accidents happen and children can get hurt. Incident reports are meant to protect daycares and share information with parents.