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Where is the divorce rate increasing?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Family Law |

The divorce rate has remained steady for a while. However, there are some cities in the country where it has increased, even as the reasons for divorce are largely the same as those of Oklahoma couples who seek to dissolve their marriage.

Rate increases can be seen throughout the country

The divorce rate increases are not limited to one geographical area. Instead, they are spread throughout a large part of the country. Some of the places where the divorce rate has increased include New Orleans in Louisiana, Spokane in Washington, Tampa and Jacksonville in Florida, and Sacramento in California. These cities saw one-year and five-year increases in their divorce rates higher than in most other cities.

Why people get divorced

Whether the divorce rate has remained constant or has increased within a city, the reasons why people choose to divorce remain very similar throughout the country. Some of these reasons include:

  • Infidelity
  • Growing distance between the spouses
  • Alcohol or drug abuse by one spouse
  • Domestic violence in the home

Preparing for divorce

If your marriage is struggling and you choose to seek a divorce, you should prepare yourself for the process. Learn about the costs of divorce as well as the impact divorce can have on your financial stability. You should also gather a support team of professionals, which can include a lawyer, financial professionals and therapists, to guide and support you through the process. Before you begin, you should be familiar with all your assets and debts and make a clear plan, including a budget, of what life will be like after the divorce. This will help you plan for your divorce negotiations, particularly over the division of assets.

Even if the divorce rate remains steady, the possibility does exist for couples who are struggling. It is better to be prepared if this is the case in your marriage.