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Avoid these critical mistakes after a DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Criminal Law |

With an arrest on suspicion of DUI, you know that you are in trouble. However, you do not have to make the situation any worse by doing or saying anything that may antagonize the arresting officer.

It is in your best interest to fully cooperate with law enforcement. A terrible mistake on your part could lead to additional charges and drastic consequences.

Do not talk too much

Here are mistakes that could magnify the situation after a DUI arrest:

  • Saying too much: By talking excessively, you may likely make incriminating statements that prosecutors may use against you in court. You do not have to say or do anything other than to display your driver’s license and proof of auto insurance. An officer may rely on certain tactics to get you to talk more. Stay quiet.
  • Not listening to the officer’s orders: Follow every instruction given by the officer. This includes staying in your vehicle, placing your hands in clear sight on the steering wheel and not making any sudden movements.
  • Bragging that you know your legal rights: This is not the time to scold a law enforcement officer in a game of one-upmanship by claiming you know more about your legal rights than he or she does. The potential result: You could face additional charges
  • Resisting arrest: Escalating the situation will lead to additional and more serious charges, and perhaps even endanger your life. You must remain composed. At the same time, make mental notes of how the officer treats you.

Abiding by these critical and common-sense steps will help you and may prevent you from becoming another defendant forced through the legal system.

Stay calm and listen

A DUI charge is serious enough. Avoid making any additional mistakes after an officer stops you. Stay calm, listen and do not talk so much. Any false steps you make could place so many things in your life in jeopardy.