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Enhanced DUI enforcement is coming on spring and summer holidays

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Criminal Law |

As temperatures continue to climb, you may be planning some epic adventures for spring and summer. If your plans include drinking alcohol, you should begin to think about arranging a sober ride home. After all, Oklahoma has some of the country’s harshest penalties for driving under the influence.

It certainly is possible to encounter patrol officers at any time of the year. Still, law enforcement agencies across the Sooner State ramp up DUI enforcement around certain holidays. While some of these holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, happen during the winter, many others come during warmer weather.

Springtime DUI enforcement

If winter has plagued you with a serious case of cabin fever, St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent time to visit your favorite watering hole and take advantage of drink specials. Drinking enough green beer, though, is likely to push your blood alcohol concentration over Oklahoma’s 0.08% legal limit.

According to American Addiction Centers, St. Patrick’s Day is a common occasion for binge drinking. Officers know this too, so they pay particular attention to drivers on March 17. Furthermore, you also may encounter a DUI roadblock during the college basketball tournament, especially if OU, OSU Oral Roberts or Tulsa progress far in the tournament.

Summertime DUI enforcement

DUI patrols become even more aggressive during the summertime, as Oklahomans across the state head out to lakes, rivers and campsites. Specifically, you are more likely to find stepped-up DUI enforcement around the following holidays:

       Cinco de Mayo

       Memorial Day

       Independence Day

       Labor Day


Even if you intend not to drink and drive this spring or summer, you should know your rights when interacting with members of law enforcement. Ultimately, though, if you end up facing charges after a holiday DUI stop, it is critical to explore all possible defense options.