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Were you pulled over in Oklahoma City?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | Criminal Law |

Being stopped by law enforcement while driving in Oklahoma City can quickly lead to an investigation by officers if they notice anything unusual or illegal. Oklahoma officers are trained in alertness for criminal activity, and they use the “plain sight rule” that allows them to search any vehicle if they see contraband or any other illegal activity inside the vehicle. In addition, they are always looking for any sign of impaired driving. This is a serious legal matter because Oklahoma has very strict DUI and DWI laws.

Potential case enhancement

One of the first issues in Oklahoma is that a DUI charge can result in immediate suspension of driving privileges. A conviction is not necessary. In addition, anyone who is charged with a second impaired driving incident will be charged with a felony instead of a misdemeanor as in other states. To make the situation worse, officers can even file DWI charges when official BAC readings are below 0.08.

Impaired driving under the influence of drugs

Oklahoma also issues tickets for impaired driving even when drivers have not consumed alcohol. DUI and DWI citations can be issued to those who are under the influence of any chemical, including prescription medicines. The problem with this charge is that many Oklahoma residents take medications that could leave them drowsy well after the active period of potency has ended, and any subsequent blood test will show the drug in their system at the time they are driving.

Oklahoma is one of the most serious states when it comes to prosecuting individuals who are accused of driving under the influence in the state. These legal stipulations may motivate a defendant to fight the charges.