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Penalties for violent crimes in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2021 | Criminal Law |

Curtailing violent crimes is a high priority for law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma. Violent crimes come in a wide range of scenarios and circumstances, but typically there will be an assailant who has attacked another individual in some manner. In addition to standard charges such as assault and battery, extenuating evidence can also result in other charges as well. This is especially true when a weapon of any type has been used by the defendant. Total punishment can be extensive, and a solid criminal defense is always necessary for a successful outcome to the case.

Misdemeanor conviction penalties

Misdemeanor charges for violent crimes such as assault and battery can still carry incarceration time even though they are not filed as felonies. Possible punishment for simple assault is set at up to 30 days confinement in an Oklahoma county jail and a $500 fine, but penalties can also be less than the maximum with an effective criminal defense strategy. Punishment can also be enhanced when evidence of battery is part of the prosecutor’s case, which can result in up to 90 days in jail with a potential $1000 fine upon conviction.

Violent crime felonies

Some violent crimes involve significant behavior by defendants beyond simple assault and battery, which can easily result in multiple charges. If a victim dies, it can actually result in enhanced charges of manslaughter or even murder in some instances, both of which carry extensive prison sentences in an Oklahoma state penitentiary.

Depending on material case evidence, the level of charges can vary as well as associated punishment. All felony convictions carry a potential for at least one year incarceration, but manslaughter penalties are set at a minimum of 2-4 years when a plea bargain can be reached with the prosecutor.