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Are there common lawsuits a business faces?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Business Law |

Small business owners may find the Oklahoma commerce landscape appealing. Opening a small business might present a chance for financial and personal independence, but there are legal issues to consider. Unfortunately, business owners could find themselves facing a lawsuit. A business owner should review the common reasons why enterprises deal with lawsuits.

Common lawsuits levied at businesses

Lawsuits filed by employees could catch a business owner by surprise. Employees often maintain a closer relationship with a company than customers. The relationship may result in legal disputes, such as ones centering on wrongful termination. Sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits may emerge, sometimes resulting from the actions of other employees and supervisors.

Customers might file discrimination-based lawsuits, as well. When workers discriminate against customers in some way, the owner may deal with the legal fallout. After all, employers could be liable for their employee’s behavior.

Additional lawsuits pointed against businesses

Wage law violations could result in legal actions. Not paying employees what they are owed or outright violating overtime laws comes with legal risks. Adhering to laws and regulations regarding wages and compensation might prevent claims. Overt and blatant violations may end up being costly.

Breach of contract lawsuits may come from employees, customers, contractors, partners and other signatories to an agreement. Even a minor breach could lead to challenges.

Not all legal actions against a business are entirely legitimate, though. A person could claim wrongful termination or a breach of contract, and the claim is dubious. With a lawsuit, the courts would make rulings on the merits of the claim.

An attorney could assist a company with business law issues. An experienced legal professional may defend a company against a frivolous suit.