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Get Answers To Your Divorce Questions

Your separation can feel increasingly overwhelming when you have questions about the legal process, which is why below we’ve taken the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Oklahoma City divorce cases.

If you happen to have other questions about your specific case, feel free to reach out to us for a consultation and we can discuss your concerns in more detail.

Where do I file my divorce papers in Oklahoma City?

The Oklahoma City divorce court is located at 320 Robert S. Kerr Ave., #409. When you file your divorce papers, you’ll need to send in three copies of each of the following: the divorce decree, the entry of appearance and waiver, and the petitions. All waivers must be notarized and filed one day after your petitions. The forms can be obtained from your attorney, the law library, or from a paralegal.

Who will get the pets in my divorce?

Pets in a divorce will get more consideration than property but less consideration than children. For example, no visitation will be awarded for pets, but usually, the court will try to let the couple figure out who keeps custody of the pet on their own. If it can’t be decided, the pet’s best interests will be taken into consideration.

What if I need to establish paternity after my divorce?

If you weren’t married to your partner at the time your child was born, then there are steps you can take to establish paternity after you get divorced. This may help give you custody rights and parental responsibilities. A child support order can establish paternity, a formal acknowledgment of paternity by both parents can be signed, or genetic testing can be done to establish paternity.

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