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Answers To Your Drug Crime Questions

Going to trial for your criminal charges can be intimidating because there’s no guarantee that you’ll win. However, not fighting your charges will guarantee that you lose, so there’s no reason to fear the court system. It’s understandable to have questions and concerns when the legal process feels foreign, which is why we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

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Can I be charged with a drug crime if drugs are found in my vehicle?

You can be charged with the possession of drugs if they are found in your vehicle, but in this case, your drug lawyer in Oklahoma City will fight to prove that these drugs weren’t yours. Together, we can build a strong case in your defense and show the prosecution that you did not know about the drugs being in your possession.

Should I accept a plea bargain from the prosecution?

Depending on what the prosecution offers, plea bargaining can be a great compromise between the prosecution and the defense. Often, a plea bargain will involve a reduction in charges and penalties for your crime. It may also include getting the crime expunged from your record at a later date; however, it will mean an initial conviction.

Can a misdemeanor or felony conviction be removed from my record in Oklahoma?

The state of Oklahoma has expungement laws in place that allow both misdemeanor and nonviolent felony charges to be removed from your record after a certain period of time if you stay out of trouble. The period for misdemeanors is five years, and the period for nonviolent felonies is seven years.

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