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Representing Native Communities In American Indian Law Cases

In Oklahoma and throughout the nation, federal law recognizes that native communities are sovereign. However, your sovereignty may conflict with the interests of local, state or federal governments. You may also face other legal challenges concerning your own government or business.

At Talley, Turner, Stice & Bertman, we understand that your unique rights are worth respecting and protecting. We advise and represent tribal governments and tribal agencies. Our experience in Native American law allows us to develop innovative strategies to solve the various problems you may face.

A Breadth Of Native American Law Services

Our attorneys have the experience and dedication necessary to help you with legal cases involving:

  • Land, water and natural resource issues
  • Gaming law, casino contracts and regulations
  • Enhancement, protection and expansion of sovereignty
  • Government relations
  • Federal court litigation
  • Financing of tribal projects

You can also use our legal experience to your advantage for tribal governance. Our lawyers work closely with clients to draft, review and update tribal legislation, codes of laws, procedures and systems. We understand the governmental issues specific to native communities and are fully committed to providing cost-effective and ethical legal services. In addition, we can help you maximize your investments in casinos and other businesses.

Resolving Disputes With The U.S. Government

Your legal rights originate in a rich and tragic history. We will work hard to hold the United States accountable for its responsibilities to native communities.

Land is often at the forefront of disputes between tribes and the U.S. We understand how critical it is to protect not only the boundaries of your land but also the natural resources and ecosystem within it. Reservations may suffer the consequences of nearby mining operations, manufacturing or other problems because of American companies or government interference.

Whether your case concerns land, human rights or another issue, our lawyers are committed to getting justice for you. We work to enforce treaty-based and statutory commitments. If you suffer damages, we will seek compensation and pursue preventative actions.

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