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What are daycare incidents reports in Oklahoma?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2022 | Personal Injury Law |

Oklahoma parents drop off their children at daycare with the assumption that they’ll be safe and sound. Unfortunately – just like at home – accidents can and will happen.

What are daycare incident reports used for?

A daycare incident report will be used to inform the parents about anything unusual that happened at the daycare involving their child. Most often, this is used for injuries and extreme behavior occurrences.

The incident report will go over the exact incident as well as the steps that were taken immediately after. For example, if the child fell on the playground, the daycare incident report will say exactly where and how the child fell on the playground as well as detail any first aid that was administered.

What should be included in the report?

  • The incident report should include all of the basic information, such as the name of the daycare and the child involved, as well as the daycare employees that helped manage the incident. The report should also include:
  • Description and location of the injury
  • Cause of the injury
  • Any medical treatment
  • Equipment involved in the injury
  • Steps that were taken after

The report will also clearly state where the child was taken for treatment if off-campus treatment was required (such as the case with stitches or any severe injury). Most importantly, the incident report should address what they’ll do to prevent that sort of incident from happening.

What if I get an incident report from the daycare?

Read over the daycare incident report carefully and ask any questions as you have them. It’s important to stay calm, but also make sure you clearly understand what happened.

If things still don’t make sense, feel free to talk to other employees or doctors to ensure your child received the right sort of treatment. You’ll also want to ask for a copy of the incident report to give to doctors or lawyers.