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Mom wants answers after child’s fall and injury

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Personal Injury Law |

Oklahoma parents expect their children to be safe when they place them in daycare. A mother of a toddler is demanding answers after discovering that her daughter sustained injuries while she was at such a facility.

Incident at the daycare

The little girl, who was 2 years old at the time of the incident, was at a popular daycare center and was picked up by the family’s babysitter along with their other children. The toddler was vocal but not able to communicate exactly what happened that led to her injuries.

When the mother arrived home, she instantly noticed that her daughter’s lip was bruised and swollen. Upon further examination, she determined that the child had bruising behind her top lip as well. The babysitter explained that no one at the daycare said a thing about the injuries.

Mom confronts the daycare asking questions

The next day, the girl’s mother went to the daycare center to ask questions about what happened. The teacher told her she had filed a report about the accident. However, nobody called the mother and didn’t tell the babysitter what had happened because she was not the child’s legal guardian.

The daycare center admitted that the child fell but claimed that after an incident report was made, the mother signed it that same night. However, the mother denies that story, stating that it wasn’t until the next day when she went to the facility demanding answers that she signed it.

The mother stated that the injury damaged a tooth and that her daughter would need a baby version of a root canal. She requested seeing the video footage of the accident her child had, but the daycare center denied having any such recording.

She expressed frustration and said she knew that accidents sometimes happen but that it seemed that the daycare was covering up the incident.