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Statistics on the impact of drowsy driving crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Personal Injury Law |

It is crucial to understand all of the risks you face behind the wheel, from inclement weather to intoxicated drivers. Additionally, you need to realize the dangers of drowsy driving. Sadly, even responsible drivers can find themselves in accidents due to fatigue, and you could suffer serious injuries if another driver is too tired to focus on the road.

Reviewing statistics on drowsy driving helps draw attention to the severity of this issue. Drivers also need to understand risk factors linked with drowsiness behind the wheel.

Drowsy driving injuries and deaths

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that during 2017, drowsy driving accidents resulted in 50,000 injuries, based on estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Moreover, NHTSA data estimates that almost 800 people lost their lives due to drowsy driving, which caused 91,000 traffic accidents across the country in 2017.

Unfortunately, the CDC believes that the true number of fatal drowsy driving accidents is much higher and that as many as 6,000 deadly drowsy driving accidents occur each year.

Risks associated with drowsy driving

The CDC also covers some of the risk factors that lead to drowsy driving. For example, drivers who take certain medications can become drowsy, as well as those who work strenuous or late shifts. Commercial drivers are especially likely to experience drowsiness, such as truckers and bus drivers. Insufficient sleep and sleep disorders also cause many drowsy driving collisions.

It is pivotal to make sure that you are alert and stay off of the road if you are too tired to drive safely. Sadly, some drivers cause crashes because of their drowsiness, and they need to answer for the consequences of an accident.