Oklahoma police report that a large amount of meth was seized during a routine traffic stop in October. Special Operations Unit officers claim to have conducted the traffic stop after noticing that the passenger in the vehicle was a known distributor of methamphetamine.

Officers from the Lawton Police Department pulled over the vehicle and asked the vehicle’s occupants to exit the car. A K-9 unit was then used to conduct an open-air search of the car. The passenger allegedly began dumping drugs from a bag onto the ground as the officers searched the car. After searching the passenger, police found half a pound of suspected meth in the man’s pockets.

The police then obtained a search warrant and went to the man’s home. Police report that they found over $40,000 in cash and 11.2 pounds of meth the home. The drugs had a street value of $270,000. Police detained the man on several drug charges including trafficking methamphetamine, attempting to destroy evidence and obstructing an officer. The man is allegedly connected to other drug busts in the past. In March 2020, he was detained by police on methamphetamine and federal gun charges and on drug charges in another bust in August 2010.

Those accused of a drug crime often face harsh consequences if convicted. This is especially true of those who are repeat offenders. This is why those accused of a drug crime may want representation from a criminal defense attorney during the process. If the police did anything during the investigation that impeded the accused’s rights, evidence may be inadmissible. In this case, officers pulled the vehicle over because they allegedly saw a man they believed to be a drug dealer. If there was no reason to pull over the vehicle and there was no prior warrant out for the man’s detainment, the traffic stop and search might have been illegal. In a case like this, evidence may potentially be thrown out in court, and the charges might be reduced or dismissed.