Once the divorce has been finalized, the next step is figuring out the child support payments. Most people want to know how much their monthly payments will be so they can start figuring out a budget as soon as possible. Here’s how child support payments are typically calculated.

How are child support payments usually calculated?

To figure out the child support payment, the court typically looks at the individual’s adjusted gross income and multiplies it by a certain percentage. The number of children they have to support will also be factored into the payment. According to the 2010 census, $430 a month is the average child support payment.

If an individual wants to get an idea of how much they’ll pay before the court makes a decision, they can try an online child support calculator. However, they should realize that the number is only an estimate. They should also educate themselves on the child support laws in their state so they can be well-prepared if any issues arise.

How can child custody disputes be resolved?

During a divorce, child care arrangements can cause a number of disputes. The parents might argue over who should get full custody or have trouble negotiating a joint custody agreement. They might also disagree on the amount of child support that should be paid out. During these types of disputes, an individual might find it beneficial to talk to an attorney.

An attorney might be able to help their client decide if they should pursue full custody or if it’s better to accept joint custody. If the client feels that the other spouse is an unfit parent, an attorney might be able to help them gather evidence to make a case to the court. They can also help their client with child visitation and child support disputes.