Two authors are suing the publisher Wizards of the Coast over an alleged breach of contract. According to the lawsuit, the publisher approached the authors in 2017 to write a series of novels about the Dungeons and Dragons universe. They completed one manuscript and started working on a draft for another novel, both of which were approved by the publisher. In 2020, the publisher received major accusations of sexism and racism in the workplace. Around the same time, the publisher suddenly terminated the contract with the two authors.

Even though the authors had completed the first manuscript and performed multiple rewrites, the publisher informed them that it would not be accepting any more drafts. The authors claimed that Wizards of the Coast refused to give them a straight answer about the alleged breach of contract. As a result, the authors claim that they lost the royalties they would have received if the books had been published. They also claim that they lost years of work on the books that had previously been approved by the publisher.

The situation led the authors to launch a lawsuit over the alleged contract dispute. The authors have requested over $10 million in damages. Wizards of the Coast has not commented on the lawsuit.

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