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The time may come to fire an attorney

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Family Law |

Divorce proceedings might be stressful and take an emotional toll on both spouses. Anyone entering into divorce proceedings in the Oklahoma family courts expects an attorney to represent his/her competently. Disagreements and other issues may arise that create friction between an attorney and client. The client might even reach a crossroads and feel it best to fire the attorney.

A client may feel uncomfortable with the idea of firing an attorney. Regardless, finding a new attorney might be best for both the client and the attorney. Sometimes, things don’t work out.

Notifying the attorney he/she is being fired is an obvious action the client takes. The client might wish to be as professional and courteous as possible when terminating the arrangement. Sending the attorney a written notice of “service no longer required” containing a reason for the firing might be prudent.

Even when firing an attorney, the client could be responsible for a “balance due” for legal services. Finding out the amount owed and making arrangements to pay could reduce any further friction between the attorney and the former client. Failure to pay the attorney might lead to a lawsuit for legal fees owed.

Leaving the court out of the proverbial information loop may lead to troubles. Letting the presiding judge know about the intention to fire an attorney may be more than courteous. It may be required. The attorney likely knows whether the court requires notifications. Regardless, clients could benefit from also finding out if doing so is necessary.

Firing one attorney usually goes hand-in-hand with hiring a new one. When seeking a new family law attorney, it might be wise to select him/her carefully. A repeat of previous problems could prove unnecessarily stressful.