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3 tips for talking to witnesses after a car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Personal Injury Law |

The Oklahoma City area is a bustling place. As a result, if you have a car accident, there is a good chance someone saw it unfold. Witness information may be invaluable in receiving compensation from the person who caused the crash. 

It is not always easy to talk to potential witnesses. This is especially true in the aftermath of a car accident, when your body’s normal stress response may make communication difficult. Employing the following three techniques may help you obtain useful information. 

1. Establish relevance

You may not have time to have an in-depth conversation with everyone who may have witnessed the crash. Those who were close to the accident scene or looking directly at it probably have useful details. Talk to these witnesses first. 

2. Demand facts

Some witnesses may want to tell you their opinions instead of facts. In the aftermath of a car accident, though, facts are what you want. Therefore, you should tell all witnesses to explain to you just what they saw. Then, ask targeted follow-up questions to separate opinions from fact. 

3. Ask for contact information

You probably cannot glean everything you need from witnesses immediately after a car crash. To be able to have follow-up conversations, you need contact details for all witnesses. At a minimum, obtain the full name and telephone number of everyone who saw the accident happen. 

With witness contact information, you can build your legal case in the weeks and months after a car crash. Nevertheless, by obtaining valuable information immediately, you boost your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries.