You and your spouse have separated, and the conversation is leading toward divorce. You’re busy with your business, though, and think you’ll have plenty of time down the road to contact an Oklahoma family law attorney to begin the divorce proceedings. However, is putting off that move a wise decision?

One-size-fits-all doesn’t exist in divorce

Even if you have an amicable separation and are not quite sure whether you want to divorce, consulting a family law attorney is in your best interest because of all the issues that could arise. No two separation and divorce cases are ever identical. Divorce is a complicated process that, in some cases, can take years to complete. Contacting a lawyer early in the process will allow you to educate yourself on what is ahead and what may be best for you and your family.

Empower yourself with knowledge

Understanding what lies ahead can help help you protect yourself, especially if you have concerns about your accounts and properties. Children are an entirely separate issue that demands your full attention. Working out visitation and custody agreements beforehand with a family law attorney can help relieve stress when dealing with other parts of the process.

What will be discussed

Learning the different components of the divorce and custody process are important aspects that require careful consideration. The first meeting with your legal professional is a critical step as you will begin to learn about each other’s styles as well as what is important to you personally. Some things you might discuss are:

• Mediation
• Collaborative law
• Negotiated settlements
• Litigation
• Custody options
• Legal fees

What if you ultimately decide not to divorce?

The important thing to remember is never to underestimate your spouse. Many times, couples who have marital difficulties and decide to go through counseling to save a marriage end up divorcing years later. In these cases, you will have laid the groundwork for future proceedings through a family law professional that can possibly streamline the process.