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How does splitting the burden of parenting help everyone in the family?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2020 | Family Law |

Oklahoma parents have a lot to decide when dealing with matters of divorce. You have to handle your own affairs and assets. On top of that, you must also figure out matters of child support, custody and more. 

Determining child custody situations is one of the most crucial parts. Joint or shared custody in particular offers many benefits to your child’s well-being. 

Sole custody quells instability 

VeryWell Family discusses some of the known benefits of joint custody. Often, studies focus on how joint custody provides stability to a child’s life. In times of turmoil, this stability is essential. It is more important the younger a child is. Young children often have no coping mechanisms. When their world turns upside down, they do not know what to do. 

Stability in the child’s life not only provides them comfort. It can help anchor them in the face of overwhelming stress and anxiety. Children of sole custody statistically suffer from higher rates of depression and anxiety. They also suffer from more severe psychological damage like post traumatic stress disorder. Researchers attribute this to a loss of family structure and stability. Other things may play a role too, like financial stress. 

Financial burdens after divorce 

You can also split financial burdens more evenly if you share custody. With sole custody, one person deals with the bulk of the financial burden. The other hands in support payments, but the amount is often much lower than half. When raising a child together via joint custody, it is easier to ensure that both parties pay an equal share. This helps maintain financial stability and harmony between parents.