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TV host locked in custody dispute with ex-wife

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2020 | Family Law |

Many people in Oklahoma City may mistakenly believe that the conclusion of their divorce proceedings also marks the end of their ongoing associations with their ex-spouses. In reality, it may simply mark a new phase in their relationship (one that will likely require that they collaborate in their efforts nearly as much as they did while married). 

This is especially true when a couple shares children together. Not only do they have to work together to fulfill the terms of their custody agreement, but they also must see to the kids’ financial support. As the circumstances of all parties involved change in the subsequent years, new opportunities for tension to ignite may easily present themselves. 

An ongoing custody battle 

The ongoing child custody case of former NFL star and current daytime television host Michael Strahan serves to illustrate this point. Strahan and the mother of his twin daughters divorced in 2005, at which time the court ordered him to pay her $18,000 every month in child support. He later retired from his playing career, prompting a change in his support obligation given his new financial situation. Now Strahan is pressing for yet another change, as he is asking for primary custody of the girls so that they can attend a prestigious school near his home in New York. He also claims that the change will help the girls given that their mother is allegedly physically and emotionally abusive towards them. His ex-wife has responded by saying his action only in response to her seeking an increase in his support obligation due to cost-of-living changes. 

A long, drawn-out process 

This case shows just how long the collaboration between a divorced couple can last. An experienced divorce attorney may be able to help one navigate their way through such a journey.