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Our Legal Services Will Remain Available During The COVID-19 Outbreak

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2020 | Firm News |

At Talley, Turner, Stice & Bertman, our experienced staff remains committed to protecting our clients, staff and community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also understand that our clients have legal needs that must be fulfilled during this uncertain time.

While many businesses are unable to continue regular operations and provide services, the knowledgeable lawyers at Talley, Turner, Stice & Bertman will be available to clients. We will help you navigate your legal problems and give you the highest quality of legal service.

Helping people understand their insurance policies and coverage during this difficult time

We realize that more than ever, many people may have questions about their insurance coverage and policies. We will review for free any companies insurance policy and answer questions about potential coverage.

Using every available tool to help clients

We recognize that social distancing is a critical tool in helping protect our staff, clients and community. We also understand that clients may need to contact us to get answers to their questions and concerns.

For clients that are practicing social distancing, our lawyers are making themselves available to discuss your case via telephone, emails, video conferencing and other technology solutions.

For situations where a phone call or video conference will not do, you can schedule an in-person meeting to discuss your legal matter. The staff at our Norman office will do everything in their power to help you move forward with your legal issue in a safe manner.

No matter what legal concerns you may have, please reach out to our office or call 405-467-2858.  Our lawyers will be happy to help you with your legal problem, including issues related to criminal defense, personal injury, family law and divorce and civil law.