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What to expect in an adoption home assessment

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Family Law |

Oklahoma couples who wish to adopt a child must undergo a home assessment as part of the adoption process. The Child Welfare Information Gateway explains that this assessment evaluates whether the prospective adoptive parents have the commitment, background and ability to meet the needs of their adopted child.

We have experience guiding couples through adoption and the home assessment process.

Only certain parties may conduct the assessment

Only specified people or agencies may conduct the home assessment. Authorized evaluators include the state’s Department of Human Services or a licensed child placement agency that has custody of the child. Certain individuals with experience or education in areas like social work or family services may also qualify to be evaluators.

The assessment evaluates several factors

The home study evaluates the family members and home to determine whether the adoptive parents and residence will provide a healthy and safe environment for the adopted child. To assess this, the evaluator will interview the parents, school-age children in the family and other household members, and these interviews will be on an individual and joint basis. The family must also provide three written references.

The evaluator will confirm the parents’ marital status, income and employment. The evaluator will also research health history, conduct criminal background checks and investigate public records relating to child abuse, neglect, sexual assault and, in certain cases, driving history.

The assessment must be current

Before having a child placed in their home, prospective parents must have a satisfactory home study completed or updated within 12 months prior to placement.

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