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What happens when my teenager gets a DUI?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2019 | Criminal Law |

It is quite challenging for teenagers in Oklahoma or anywhere else in America to resist the urge to sneak some alcohol to a party. Unfortunately, they may be tempted to drink and drive, leading to them getting a DUI. While drinking and driving are illegal, are the rules different for minors?

Oklahoma is known to have stringent DUI laws. When teenagers drinks and drive, they do not get any leniency. The state has laws that touch on underage drinking, which are stricter than the normal DUI laws. If you are found driving with alcohol in your system, you will be arrested and subjected to the different minor specific punishments.

Teenagers under 21 may not get jail time. However, they may have to perform several hours of community service. They may as well lose their license if found to have alcohol at the time of the arrest.  If your under-age teenager receives a DUI for the first time, their driving license suspended for six months upon conviction. They may as well have to pay a fine of $500 at the discretion of the judge. They will also need to complete about 20 hours of community services.

A second DUI will lead to the court revoking their driving privileges for one year. They will also need to install an IID in their vehicle for one month once they resume back to driving. The fine increases to $1000 and the community service hours increase to 240 hours. A third Underage DUI will increase the fine to $2000 and increase the community service hours to 480. You will need to install an IID once your teenager gets back their driving privileges.

This information is only intended to help you understand what will happen to your teenager when they get a DUI. It is not legal advice.