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The argument for plain language contracts

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2019 | Firm News |

Contract disputes may occur for many reasons in Oklahoma. However, one of the most common reasons is that complex legal language is difficult to understand, which leads to confusion over the exact details of the document. If you do not know what you sign or agree to, it can cause significant issues as you begin to work under the business contract. 

It could be possible to avoid such misunderstandings by writing business contracts in plain language. Forbes explains this is the process of getting rid of complexities and making things as concise as possible while using the fewest words possible. This type of user-friendly document could make your contracts stronger and make it much easier for you to avoid disputes. 

Maintaining legal enforceability 

One of the critical points to a plain-language business contract is that it still must be legally binding. Cleaning up the language and simplifying things does not mean getting rid of legally required elements. In writing this type of document, you have to ensure it still meets the legal requirements of a binding contract. Generally, this means leaving in important legal terms but removing boilerplate language that serves no real purpose. 

Providing security 

Creating a legal document that serves as an agreement in plain language comes with many benefits. It can make your contracts more secure because it reduces the ability of other parties to dispute wording or clarity. They cannot argue they did not understand a clause or that it was confusing and unclear. 

Using a plain-language approach to your contracts could be a turning point for your business, primarily if you work in an industry where contract disputes seem to be the norm. Gaining freedom from constant battles over the details of a contract gives you more time to run your business while also reducing your overall costs and allowing you to serve your customers better.